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Killing time in wait for book 4. 

I’ve been working  on these drawings for a couple of days now - it’s been a loooong while since I last drew something with pen and ink :) Almost forgotten the joys of it (including the need to kill the scanner :P).

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I’m determined to not let this summer suck.  Sick of negative things in my life, so why not try and start fresh or at the very least, look at everything in a more positive light?  So I’m going to start doing my own #100DaysofHappyness!  (yes, with the “y”)  I don’t expect anyone of read all of this, nor do I expect anyone to eagerly wait to see what made my day.  This is simply for me to bring in the positive light, and if it happens to bring a smile to someone else’s face, then that’s more “happyness” to be spread around!  <3


Dakota and I got our Worm Factory 360 today!  We were super excited to finally get started on our worm farm.  No worms yet.  The package came with a voucher for us to order the worms when we were ready to get them.  :)

This was Dakota’s first Wednesday gymnastics class.  She had been only going Saturdays and now that summer is here and it’s a fresh month, Beni and I enrolled her for two days.  It was so strange to go on a different day.  The school had just opened for the day so the instructors were setting up and such when we got there.  Dakota even started her class off different.  All the kids starting class had to run laps around the gym.  She was a bit confused, so she ran and hopped the opposite way which was ADORABLE!  All while giggling.  She did such a great job.  Her class was a little smaller than usual so she was able to focus a little more.  Her flips are getting so good!  Her teacher had her run and jump flip onto a raised mat, which I thought was too high, but she did it flawlessly.  It’s just so nice to see she is enjoying class all while starting to progress.

Afterwards, Dakota, Ash and I went straight from Bay City Gymnastics to Starbucks to hit up the Frappuccino Happy Hour.  I got a large (venti?) Mocha Cookie Crumb which is derish!  Forgot to mention I had to have it decaf, but I seriously could not drink it with caffeine (baby and all…).  I reluctantly went to the barista to ask if she could remake it and she was really sweet about it.  The place was SLAMMED too.  It was just nice to have someone with such a good attitude.  Went to Starbucks to also get some coffee grounds for the worm farm, but because it was so busy, I kept forgetting to ask.  Oh well.  Next happy hour!  ;)

Kind of a lame “happy” event today, but I finally got Dakota’s primary care physician switched to her regular doctor.  I’ve been meaning to do it for months, but it just kept slipping my mind.  Because she just had her fourth birthday, I have to bring her in for a check-up so it reminded me to finally make that call.  And I hate calling people…  I really do.  I have severe anxiety when I’m on the phone so I will sit there just building up the courage to dial.  There are times where I even pre-plan or write out what I am going to say.  Just hate calling.  But when I called, the woman on the other line was just so sweet!  She was really helpful and even made me laugh when we were poorly attempting to properly pronounce Dakota’s doctor’s very foreign Indian name.  At the end, she even helped me find a dentist and optometrist for Dakota.  Will have to make those calls next time.  *sigh*  I got this.

Made Dakota some new playdough.  OMG was it annoying to make, but she helped me pour the ingredients and that was fun.  She even stirred the dough during its early stages which makes me nervous when she is close to the stove.  She did a really good job and the playdough came out great!

Lastly, I started putting together the worm farm.  I assembled it beforehand, but I had to still make the bedding for the worms to live in.  I am so impatient!  I had to wait for the coconut coir to absorb the water, but it took too long, so I drowned the bowl in water, and when it absorbed a lot, I poured out the rest of the water.  Hahaha….  Hope I didn’t ruin it.  The bedding looks nice though.  Just gotta put in the food which I don’t really have to do until the worms get here, which hopefully won’t be long!

OK!  Done!  Day 1 complete!  Hopefully tomorrow will be as easy to write about like today.  First day of my summer.  It was a freebie.  xD

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do you ever

This is why my tumblr is lonely now. ._.

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I should try to post here again. :p

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I’m crying!

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If you’re coming to Shadocon 2013, on Saturday October 7th at 7pm I will be hosting a small, makeshift event for Homestucks and any other lovely peoples before Promstuck!

It will be hosted by myself as Loco update Terezi and tumblruser heirofhonk as my lovely assisant, Carlos Maraca. We will be meeting in front of PANEL ROOM 1 but that might not be the final location.

We will be using Terezi’s scarf as a blindfold and her cane as a stick to beat the ever loving crap out of a Maplehoof pinata I made with will be filled with the following:

  • chocolate boondollars
  • fruity rumpus asshole factory liquid candies
  • candy corn pumpkins
  • cute japanese erasers that vaguely represent Free!, OFF other cute tumblr stuff.
  • various trickster candies!!

If you are in attendance on Saturday, I will be Meulin in the day and be switching to Terezi around 6:30pm before the smack down. Please feel free to invite any one, non-homestucks and non-cosplayers are welcome too!

We may also be having pin the head on the Dirk, but details on that to come!

Might have to go to this even though I don’t Homestuck. My baby might actually dig this. xD

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a rare breed of tenzin

This is incomplete without the fanny pack.

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i wish girls could have sleep overs with boys without the whole they gonna fuck attitude


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Tomasz Gudzowaty - The Monks of Shaolin (2011)

these are beautiful, these are all beautiful

Shaolin Shadowboxing. If what you say is true, the Shaolin and Wutang could be dangerous.

Bad. Ass.

My Mako and myself fire breathing together during my Book 2 premiere party. This was the only shot we did together where the camera’s exposure didn’t explode. Haha. That’s how hardcore we were. xD

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Korra premiere party!  :D

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All done!  Sneak a peek before I upload the full version with the video later in the day!

Full version…need in life…now…

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Another stupid pun drawing… one that has more than likely been done a thousand times this week already… but hey, Korra’s Back this Friday.

So Will Ruzicka did a thing.  And Metaa did a thing.  And the fandom did a thing.  Here’s my contribution to the thing.

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What if Joel got to the operating room and it was too late